Black Friday is coming at Cosmos Sport!

Black Friday is the unofficial name of the day following Thanksgiving in the United States, which is November 4th. Black Friday in addition to a great holiday celebration, marks the start of the Christmas season

The first evidence of the use of the word "Black Friday" comes from Philadelphia, where the term was used with negative content by the local police service to describe the large and disturbing pedestrian traffic that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. This use of the term has been dated to at least 1961. In recent years, this day has gained a positive mark, as the popularity of the explanation that this day was the point of the year in which the retailer began to turn a profit (due to high bids) became popular. ), that is, in the American slang from "in the red" passes "in the black" (in the black).
In recent years, US-based merchants have been able to introduce Black Friday culture to other Western cultures, making the day a global phenomenon that has been waiting for months.