Micro Maxi With T-Bar Scooter (MM0015)

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Recommended for children from 5 to 12 years old, up to 50 kg.


The award-winning Maxi Micro scooter is an innovation that will offer enjoyable hours of play! Its construction makes it possible for the child to turn the skateboard using his body's weight and gradient, thus developing his motor skills, overall body coordination and balance. It has a large and flexible board, double reinforced with fiberglass and positioned at a height of just 4 cm from the ground, to provide maximum body balance, as well as a stable, detachable steering wheel that is easily adjustable to fit the child's optimum height. The easy in-out steering wheel that is removed at the touch of a button in combination with its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport.



•Number of Wheels: 4

•Weight: 2.5kg

•Minimum Rider Height: 70cm

•Max Rider Height: 160cm

•Max Rider Weight: 50kg

•Dimensions: Y69-92cm, Π24cm, Μ56cm

•Height of the steering wheel: 69 - 92cm

•Plane dimensions: Π14.2cm, M33cm

•Wheel diameter: 120 / 80mm

•Wheel Width: 30 / 24mm

•Axle Distance: 46cm


CODE: 33516730004000009