Point65 Falcon Solo - Καγιάκ 266 X 66.6 X 25.2 Cm


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Point65 Falcon Solo - Καγιάκ 266 X 66.6 X 25.2 Cm

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Falcon Solo is a Kayak by a person with the Point65 signature. This particular Kayak is made of high-performance thermoplastic material making it so stable and rigid that it makes it easy to handle. It has a comfortable seat, glass cases, footrests, and space to store your essentials. It has a maximum total user weight of 100 kg, two recesses with laces on the front and back for placing boxes or bags.



Dimensions: 266 x 66.6 x 25.2 cm

Weight: 21 kg

Maximum Total Weight: 100 kg

• Weight per section: 11 kg (approximately)

• Made of thermoplastic material (TPC)


Extra Tips

• Snap system for easy assembly

• Front section length: 138 cm

• Back section length: 138 cm


Guarantee: 2 years


Get your Kayak delivered at home, 100% protected from nylon packaging!

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