Brunotti Dimension Uni Kiteboard 139*41


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Brunotti Dimension Uni Kiteboard 139*41

Live An Exciting Experience

We present the Dimension Uni Kiteboard with signed by Brunotti! Get ready to live the ultimate experience with freeride and freestyle on the waves! Trust your equipment and maximize your adrenaline while staying on top of high-performance Kite Surfing! ADR technology makes the Dimension Kiteboard even more stable and controlled in an unstable state. It turns smoothly and maintains speed even in the biggest waves. It consists of a double channel and a hollow, a CNC wood core, and a four-piece screw cap.

Special characteristics

• Dimensions: 139 x 41 cm

• Hyperbolic Chassis

• Torque Equalizer

• Active Backbone

• Double Channel

• Double Concave

• CNC Wood Core

• Carbon Fibre Weave

• Splitter Twintip Fins

• Grab Handle

• Screwcap 4pcs


Get your Kiteboard deliverd at home, 100% protected from nylon packaging!

100535-099 (139*41)
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