Brunotti Riptide Woman Kiteboard 133 x 39


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Brunotti Riptide Woman Kiteboard 133 x 39

An Exciting Experience On Waves

Trust your equipment and maximize your adrenaline while staying on top of high-performance Kite Surfing! The Riptide is slightly smaller than a men's board and is more flexible, giving it a comfortable ride. It has a torque equalizer, double hollow, and channel as well as durable splitter twintip fins.



• Dimensions: 133 x 39 cm

• Hyperbolic Chassis

• Torque Equalizer

• Active Backbone

• Double Channel

• Double Concave

• CNC Wood Core

• Carbon Fibre Weave

• Splitter Twintip Fins

• Grab Handle

• Screwcap 4pcs


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100536-060 (133*39)