• Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
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  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales
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Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales


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Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scales

The "smart" scale by Xiaomi Mi will measure your weight with the greatest possible accuracy. The high-precision sensor counts your physical changes on a daily basis.

This scale is really smart, as it can automatically identify the members of a family based on their physical data, while offering the ability to support up to 16 different profiles, so you can share it with everyone.

Additionally, you can specify the Guest function so that other people can measure their weight without leaving unknown items on it after the measurement. In fact, in addition to weighing people in Dynamic Mode, the scales can measure the weight of vegetables, fruits and other items in Static Mode. Thanks to the "hidden" LED screen that is activated only during the measurement, its elegant aesthetics, suitable for any environment, is highlighted.

Its rounded corners, the strong glass that is at the same time fully permeable to show the indications of the panel, but also the special non-slip surface to prevent accidents, make it ideal for all ages.

Finally, since it uses low power Bluetooth 5.0, the weight data transfer speed is faster and more stable.



• Display Screen: Digital

• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

• Maximum Weight: 150 kg.

• Weighing accuracy: 100 gr.

• Features: Connect to Mi Fit App

• Home & Professional use

• Compatible with: Android 4.4+ & iOS 9+

• Batteries: 3 x AAA 1.5 V

Extra Details

• Features: Automatic Closing

• Does not have: Fat measurement


2 year guarantee!

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