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What is the GO COSMOS privilege card;

This is a card that fills points from everywhere. Because you can shop and win at the same time! 
With each purchase euro in shops Cosmos Sport, Lee, adidas, BODYTALK and our online store www.cosmossport.gr win a point!

How can I get the GO COSMOS privilege card;

Αvailable in our online store, www.cosmossport.gr & www.sneaker10.gr
after you registered click to complete your online application account for New Card or - for already holders of GO COSMOS privilege card - 
connect your existing card with our online shop.

What do I gain with the GO COSMOS privilege card;

With each purchase euro win a point!
For every 200 points you earn a gift certificate worth 20.00 euros, 
additional when you concentrate just 1000 points you earn an extra gift certificate worth 100.00 euros. 
Win gift certificates up to a total of 180.00 EUR for every 1000 points you collect! 
When you reach 1000 points your cart is resetting and you can start again from the beginning!
Be a double winner! Scoring points and discount products. 
With the products that are in discount or in offer you earn a point for every purchase of three euros.

How do I collect points?

By making your purchases in stores Cosmos Sport, adidas concept store (Argyraki 2 Heraklion) & (Tsouderon 31, Chania), BODYTALK (Daedalus 25, Heraklion), Lee store (Evans 14 Heraklion) Sneaker10 in-store Cosmos Sport # urban (Trikoupi 152 - Athens & Daedalus 1 - Heraklion) and in our online store www.cosmossport.gr & www.sneaker10.gr

Necessary requirement is to demonstrate the card at the checkout and to log in to our online store with the card.

How and when do I redeem my points?

Once you have collected the necessary points you redeem them in your next purchase in one of our stores including our online store.

Can I redeem my points at the time that will be completed?

Not in the same purchase, but you can in the next one.

If the redeem in my gift certificate is bigger than the value of the product, what will happen to the remaining money?

The amount of your purchase must be equal or greater than the value of the gift certificate.

Can I not redeem my gift certificate?

Yes, you can collect as many gift certificates you want 
and purchase products of equal or greater value with this voucher.

Can my transport costs be covered by my gift certificate?

No it is not possible the gift certificate to cover the transport cost. 
Coupons can be used only to purchase products!

Can I earn points by redeeming my gift certificate?

The gift certificate is an offering product and is not possible to collect points from it. 
Also you cannot collect points from the transport costs!

Can i get a discount on my purchases with the card?

This is not a discounted card.

Where can I see my points?

In our webshop: beside the sign 'My Cart' 
In our shops: asking at checkout as well as on receipts of your purchases.


What are the extra benefits of the card?

Offers made for members only.
Update via email for special offers made throughout the year 
only for members with the card GO COSMOS.


Discounts before discounts.
With the card you can make your purchases at discount prices

one week before official discounts!


Free products reservations. 
You can reserve your item/items for one week without prepayment to all our stores.

Right to return

You have the right to return your item/items during one month from the date of your purchase even on Saturdays.


Will i receive a card by completing my application?

Let's go Green! We care about the environment and so will no longer receive card

in plastic form except e-mail and sms with the membership card.

When will the points on my card be charged?

All points are charged to the card the moment that the receipt is cutting 
and not with the completion of your order.