Speedo Boom Splice Muscleback Swimsuit (10821-6058W)

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Full-length female Speedo Fit Muscleback swimsuit provides great freedom of movement, allowing you to focus on swimming without feeling confined. It features stylish graphic printing and durable fabric Speedo Endurance +, which is 100% resistant to chlorine. 



•Featuring support brackets and soft straps for comfortable fitting.

•Designed with chest support and softer, smooth straps for greater comfort and safety 

Speedo Endurance + fabric with Speedo fabric retains its shape and resists fading more than any other swimming material 

•100% chlorine-resistant - so the swimsuit your Speedo will not be degraded to the pool 

•Freedom of movement - 4-way stretching technology for comfort and softness. The Muscleback design offers flexibility and freedom of movement so you can train comfortably 

•Ultraviolet radiation - Fabrics bind 98% of UVA and UVB rays


CODE: 21601203536748002