• Kuer Ισοθερμικό Ψυγείο 70,9Lt
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  • Kuer Ισοθερμικό Ψυγείο 70,9Lt

Kuer Ισοθερμικό Ψυγείο 70,9Lt


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Kuer Ισοθερμικό Ψυγείο 70,9Lt


• Weight: 14.5 kg

• Keeps cooling for over 120 hours

• Rubber latches for comfort in use and longer life

• The high-quality seal ensures excellent sealing

• Fixed legs increase stability and reduce slippage

• Stainless steel padlocks also serve as bottle opener

• Water drain valve for melted ice

• Adjustable nylon handles offer comfort in all situations, long life, exceptional durability and comfort during transport due to the rubber coating

• Button for balancing internal / external pressure and easy opening

• Rotomolding technology that guarantees resistance to impact and time

• Single-piece construction, without opening seams, that result in water leaks

• Material: LLDPE for food, non-toxic, UV resistance, impact resistance, hot and cold materials, corrosion resistance, perfect application and excellent insulating properties

• Insulation: Thick layer of polyurethane

• Dimensions: External: 85.1x46.2x45.5cm, Internal: 68.6x29.7x33.5cm

• Inner partition for greater functionality. It can be removed and used as a cutting board

• Stainless steel basket for products that need to remain dry

• Thermal / cup holder hinged externally

• Capacity: 70.9 lt

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