Corporate Social Responsibility


Cosmos Sport & support of vulnerable social groups

Cosmos Sport, wanting to be close to social groups in need, offers sports equipment, as well as clothing and footwear to institutions and organizations. In 2019, the company offered a variety of sports equipment to children hosted at the Lyreion Foundation, The Child's Smile, the Heraklion Juvenile Home and theose who live at the Heraklion Detention Center in Heraklion. In each store you can make a donation for the "Agkalia" organization, which aims to raise money for the support and care of children. In collaboration with "Make A Wish", we raised the amount of 6,000€, carrying by fulfilling the wishes of children suffering from serious illnesses.


Cosmos Sport team took part in a run in collaboration with the "Alma Zois", the women's association against breast cancer, and then a special Workshop was organized at the company's offices which was dedicated to: A Wellness Day at HQs, where Cosmos Women were taught about the prevention of breast cancer by the KEFI association, while the day ended with a healthy brunch and a unique Yoga session. We continue to provide clothing and footwear to the association that deals with the reinforcement and care of the homeless, "Dinner of Love".



Cosmos Sport & People

    • Development

The main goal for Cosmos Sport is to be able to maintain an excellent working environment, promoting teamwork and employee development. Indicatively, the company in 2019 employed more than 500 employees. A total of 390 recruitments were made in 2019 and 15 new stores were opened. Also, 14 students did their internship in various departments of the company (HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, E-commerce, etc.), of which 57.14% were hired by the company.


    • Wellbeing

We invest in People, which is why we often organize activities that make us enjoy well being, teamwork and sports! Particularly, the company has created a basketball team which won the 1st place in the Championship Games of Crete. It provides 2 very important benefits to employees - parents: the "1 day early leaving" on World Family Day and the "Parents' day off" on the 1st day of the school year. Our head offices have a gym, basketball court and table tennis, promoting sports and well being always guided by Health & Safety.


Experienced co-workers performed Wellbeing Session at HQs at Cosmos Sport and helped employees strengthen their bodies and improve posture during working hours.


Finally, all employees and their families are provided with the "People Benefits" program, a program with privileges specifically designed to meet the health, entertainment, training, etc. needs.


    • Selection & Training of staff

Cosmos Sport ensures the development of its employees, through investment in education and training, equal opportunities and continuous improvement of the work environment. The company constantly takes care of the training and education of employees, which concerns many subjects, with particular emphasis on sales, communication, teamwork, leadership, soft & hard skills development.


Taking on employees is done without stereotypes and always with respect for diversity.


Cosmos Sport & Environment

At Cosmos Sport we value the protection of the environment as we actively contribute on saving natural resources, minimizing the impact of our activities on the natural environment. Cosmos Sport invests in electronic systems, trying to make the most of electronic communication, both inside and outside the company, with the aim of minimizing paperwork as much as possible. Useless paper is collected in both headquarters and stores for recycling. We recycle an average of 36 tons of paper, 1200 kilos of electrical appliances and 120 kilos of batteries every year.

Meanwhile, the company with a sense of responsibility towards the environment has replaced plastic bags with 100% recyclable paper, the lamps with special LED type & installs inverter air condition and photocells in central offices, warehouses and stores.


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