• martes Face Mask for Kids'
  • martes Face Mask for Kids'
  • martes Face Mask for Kids'
  • martes Face Mask for Kids'
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martes Face Mask for Kids'


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martes Face Mask for Kids'

Stay Safe

This particular martes mask is reusable. It is made of a mixture of soft fabrics and consists of two loops on the side so you can place it on your face! It is designed to reduce the transmission of vapor droplets. When placing it, make sure that it covers from the top of the nose to the bottom of your chin.

For hygiene reasons the masks are not returned!



• Composition: 33% cotton / 29% polyamide / 18% elastane / 15% polypropene / 5% polyester

• Reusable

• Machine washable at 60oC


Special Tips

→ Make sure they wash or disinfect their hands well before placing the mask on their face but also after removing it

→ Don't share your mask with other people

→ In case it wears out, replaces it immediately

→ Before using it again, choose to wash it at 60oC

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