• COMPRESSPORT R1 Socks for Recovery
  • COMPRESSPORT R1 Socks for Recovery
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COMPRESSPORT R1 Socks for Recovery


35-38 (T1)
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  • 35-38 (T1)
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COMPRESSPORT R1 Socks for Recovery

Goodbye to Pain

This revolutionary compression calf sleeve lives up to what can expect from his compression apparel when heading off for such extreme sports as long distance trails, triathlon and mountain climbing. An innovative detail sets the knee-protection tab.


  • Less vibration (Vibration) muscles of the calf.
  • Less swelling, better oxygenation of the muscle.
  • Increases faster muscle temperature (warm up period) that immediately come to optimal performance.
  • There must wear the pressurizing calf R2 more than 3-4 hours after the training / race
  • An intelligent textile makes this revolutionary calf sleeve one of the most soothing and relaxing! Its virtues lie in the thousands of oil capsules loaded in the fibre that boost up performance.
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